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Ever had to read through a long email, text message or an article on the web, but felt it was boring or maybe you're just not a big fan of reading? Fear no more! Flash Reader uses a proven method of reading the text word by word, flashing the words without you having to move your eyes. This makes your brain remember and understand what you're reading, even though the text is going past your eyes at an incredible speed.


Flash Reader was one of the first, if not the first speed reading applications ever released on the iOS platform. It was originally released in 2010.


  • Pocket, Instapaper and Dropbox support
  • Send articles via email and sync them to your library (via FlashReaderApp.com)
  • Open and import DOC, RTF, TXT, PDF and EPUB files
  • Bookmarking, easily resume where you left off
  • Different reading modes to suit your needs
  • Customization, including words per minute (WPM), words per flash, fonts and font sizes


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Selected Articles

  • "Honestly, I have been looking for this kind of application for the iPad for a long time. This is a terrific way to read. Though not an original idea, this application has long been missing from the app store. I am glad someone finally delivered it. For those contemplating this app: this truly is a great way to read quickly. Try it."
    - Big Voice,
  • "Makes reading a bit more of an involved experience, as well as making it easier to keep focused :)"
    - Pander Dander,
  • "Try it, it really works. I recently tested my reading speed and it was about 200 - 220 wpm, reading with this app I can easily read 300 wpm."
    - Totoniel,
  • "Dial it up to 1200 words per minute and you may be surprised (I was) how quickly you can process a text. I love the concept and will use this for power reading. I think it improves my comprehension because I have to concentrate."
    - TheCorvusCorax,

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CEO & Lead Developer, Didstopia

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